Yamaha THR10 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Names And Functions
q (Power Switch)
This is the unit’s power switch.
When the power is ON, the lamp corre-
sponding to the selected amp type and the
Power Lamp in the speaker cabinet light.
The Power Lamp in the speaker cabinet can be
switched ON or OFF using the THR Editor. (page 16).
w LED Display
Indicates each of the THR’s settings and con-
n Tuner Function
Holding the switch for 1 second engages the
tuner function and lights the
The tuner is calibrate to A4=440Hz. Tune the
guitar until the pitch that you want to tune to
appears in the display.
Tuning is complete when only the
in the
center of the
display is visible.
Press the TAP/TUNER switch (less than one
second) to turn OFF the tuner function.
When the tuner function is set ON, guitar sound to
the main speakers, PHONES, and USB is muted. In-
put received from the AUX and USB jacks is output.
n Tap Tempo Function
When a DLY or DLY/REV effect is selected
with the DLY/REV !2 control, the tempo of
the delay can be set by tapping (more than
twice) on the switch.
n Extended Stereo Setting
Hold the switch for more than three seconds
to switch the Extended Stereo* function ON/
ON: “#” on LED w is off (default setting).
OFF: “#” on LED w is lit.
* Extended Stereo: The Extended Stereo function
produces a much wider stereo field. Extended
Stereo effects the USB/AUX inputs as well as gui-
tar sounds with DLY/REV or HALL effects applied.
* The Extended Stereo setting (ON/OFF) is saved
when the power is switched OFF.
Selects the amp type. The lamp for the corre-
sponding amp type lights.
* When the power is switched ON, the most recent
amp type is selected.
[About amp types]
THR’s GAIN t and MASTER y controls
work in the same way as the preamp and
master controls on a tube amp. The GAIN t
control provides preamp gain and distortion
while the MASTER y control affects power
amp level. The response of the MASTER y
control differs depending on the amp model
used but it affects volume, gain and power
amp compression.Using the GUITAR OUT-
PUT !3 control you can use the amp’s GAIN
t and MASTER y controls to set your tone
at any level.
THR utilizes a newly designed amp-modeling
technology using Yamaha’s Virtual Circuitry
Modeling (VCM) technology. VCM gives
THR the power to model real amps incred-
ibly accurately, with each control working
and responding exactly as it does on the real
Rich, clean tones from a 6L6 power
section with gentle breakup for incredible
jazz, blues and country sounds.
When the BASS, MIDDLE, and TREBLE controls
are all set to 0, there is no guitar sound output.
CRUNCH: Low-powered, class-A tube output
with bright, clear, dynamic power amp
distortion characteristics.
Pitch is low In tune Pitch is high