Yamaha THR10 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

The THR10/5 can operate on either battery power or with the power adaptor.
* Power is automatically supplied from the power adaptor when the adaptor is connected to the unit with batteries
installed. To prevent batteries from leaking, we recommend that the batteries be removed from the unit when us-
ing the power adaptor.
n Power
l When using the power adaptor
Connect the supplied power adaptor to the DC IN jack located on the rear side of the THR10/5.
Connect the AC plug to a power outlet.
l When using batteries
Use AA alkaline batteries or nickel hydride batteries*.
Make sure that the batteries are installed with their +/- poles aligned properly as shown below.
* When using nickel hydride batteries, we recommend eneloop® batteries. When using eneloop batteries, please read
the eneloop battery instruction manual carefully. (eneloop® is a registered trademark of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.)
* Do not use manganese batteries.
* Follow the “CAUTION” section (pages 4-5) to use the product in a safe and proper manner.
DC IN Jack
Power Adaptor
DC Plug
AC Plug
AC Outlet
* Follow the “CAUTION” section (pages 4-5) to use the
product in a safe and proper manner.
THR5 (Rear)THR10 (Bottom)
AA Alkaline batteries or
nickel hydride batteries
x 8
The amp turns off automatically when battery power is depleted. After replacing the batteries or connect-
ing the power adaptor, turn the power switch OFF and wait for ten seconds before turning the power switch
back ON again.