Yamaha THR10 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha THR10/5 Guitar Amp.
In order to get the most of this product, please read this Owner’s
Manual thoroughly before using. After you’ve finished reading the
manual, keep it in a safe place for future reference.
n Features
• Compact design delivers professional quality guitar and audio sound.
* The THR10/5 utilizes a newly developed amp-modeling technology made possible with
Yamaha’s original VCM technology*. With this new technology, the user interface is able to re-
produce the operational characteristics of each control to deliver guitar amp sound with greater
* The THR10/5 offers high quality audio sound that only a company like Yamaha, with its exper-
tise in advanced audio technologies, can deliver. Its ability to playback audio files on a com-
puter via a USB connection, or playback audio files on a smartphone or other audio playback
device connected to the AUX IN jack, makes it feel like you are in the studio, playing along with
the musicians as they record. And because the THR10/5 is portable, you can enjoy this experi-
ence wherever you like.
• Incorporates VCM Effects similar to those found in Yamaha’s high-end mixers for high
quality effects.
• Utilizes Yamaha’s original Extended Stereo technology to deliver an unbelievably wide
stereo image, wider than the unit’s compact size.
• Includes Steinberg’s professional quality music production software Cubase AI that lets
you enjoy full-fledged recording in the convenience of your home.
• Two-way power system allows the unit to operate either on AC power or battery power so
you can use the amp outside and other places that lack access to AC power.
• Includes a chromatic auto tuner.
*What is VCM Technology?
An original physical modeling technology developed by Yamaha, VCM Technology reproduces the characteristics of
analog circuitry at a micro level to accurately reproduce the modeled equipment.