Yamaha THR10 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Rear Panel
@0 @1
@0 USB
Use the supplied USB cable to connect a
computer to the unit.
@1 DC IN
Connects the supplied power adaptor.
Names And Functions
!4 VOLUME (THR5 only)
Adjusts the overall volume of the guitar
!5 USB/AUX OUTPUT (THR10 only)
Adjusts the audio playback volume for audio
from the computer connected to the USB
@0 jack or an audio device connected to the
AUX !8 jack.
This jack is used to connect a guitar to the
This a standard phone jack used to connect
a pair of stereo headphones to the unit. It
can also be used as a line out jack.
* Main speaker sound is muted when a connector
is inserted into the PHONES jack.
!8 AUX
This is a stereo mini phone jack used for
audio input from an external device such as
an MP3 player, etc.
!9 USER MEMORY (THR10 only)
Saves up to five sets of amp section control-
ler settings (GAIN, MASTER, BASS, MIDDLE,
TREBLE, EFFECT, DLY/REV). Press and hold
the number of the switch you want to save
your settings to (about 2 seconds). The save
operation is complete when the memory
number for the switch being pushed ap-
pears in the LED display. Press one of the
numbered switches (less than 2 seconds) to
recall the saved settings.
About the Default Settings
(THR10 only)
To reset user memory 1-5 contents to
their factory defaults, switch on the power
while holding down USER MEMORY
switches 1, 3, and 5.
Hold down switches 1, 3, and 5.
Switch on the