Yamaha THR10 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Connecting a Computer to the Unit
Connecting a computer to the THR10/5 makes the following possible:
1) Playback audio files on the computer through the THR10/5.
2) Edit THR10/5 amp settings using the editing application on a computer.
3) Record audio using the Cubase AI application.
The following software must be installed in the computer in order to carry out the functions listed
n Installing the Software
l Driver Installation
Using the THR10/5 with a computer requires the
installation of a driver.
[Installing the Driver]
1. Access the following website and download
the latest version of the Yamaha Steinberg
USB Driver, the file will decompress and
* Check the above website for information on system
* The Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver may be updated
without notice. Please visit the above website for
the latest details and updates.
2. Install the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver in
your computer. Refer to the Installation Guide
that is included in the downloaded file.
3. After installing the driver, quit all applications
and then select the THR10 or the THR5 as
the computer’s audio output. Each OS has its
own setting display that can be accessed as
Control Panel g Sound g “Sound” tab
System Preferences g Sound g”Output” tab
l THR Editor Installation
Using the THR Editor, you can edit effect and
tone settings for the THR10/5 in greater detail.
Edited settings can be saved in the THR10/5.
[Installing the THR Editor]
1. Access the following web site and download
the THR Editor.
2. Start the downloaded file and follow the in-
structions that appear in the display to install
the THR Editor.
3. Refer to the THR Editor’s Owner’s Manual or
the Help Guide for information on settings
and operation of the THR Editor.
l Cubase AI Installation
The THR10/5 comes bundled with Steinberg’s
Cubase AI music editing application. Using
Cubase AI you can record a guitar connected to
the THR10/5 and edit songs.
[Cubase AI System Requirements]
In order to install and run the Cubase AI applica-
tion supplied on the accompanying DVD-ROM,
your computer must meet the following require-
OS: Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
CPU: Intel or AMD dual core CPU
Memory: 2 GB or more
Audio Device: Windows compatible (ASIO, WDM)
Display Resolution:
1280 x 800 — full color
Interface: Equipped with a USB connector
Hard Disk: Free disk space of 4 GB or more;
high-speed hard disk