Yamaha THR10 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

n Connection Examples
Precautions in regard to using the USB jack
Make sure you follow the points below when
connecting a computer to the THR10/5 USB
jack. Failing to do so may result in the computer
or the THR10/5 freezing or shutting down, as
well as corruption or even loss of data. If the
device or computer does freeze, restart the ap-
plication or computer.
* Before making any connections, make sure that the power on all devices is switched OFF.
* When connecting the unit to an external device, check the shape of the jack and use an
appropriate cable that matches with the jack’s specifications and connect surely.
Electric Guitar/Bass/
Electric Acoustic
Guitar, etc.
Audio output from an audio
player or computer
USB Jack
USB Cable
• Be sure to wake the computer from suspended/sleep/
standby mode before connecting a computer to the
USB jack.
• Always quit all applications that are running on the
computer before connecting or disconnecting the USB
cable and set the volume output on the computer to its
minimum level.
• When connecting or disconnecting the USB cable, be
sure to set the VOLUME and the USB/AUX OUTPUT on
the THR10/5 to their minimum levels.
• Wait at least 6 seconds between connecting or discon-
necting the USB cable.
* On the THR5, use the volume on the
audio device to adjust the volume for the
external audio source. If it is connected
to a computer via USB, you can adjust
the USB output volume with the THR
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