Harman-Kardon 640 Home Theater System User Manual

Rear Panel Connections
Surround Speaker Outputs: Connect
these outputs to the matching + and – terminals
on your surround channel speakers. In confor-
mance with the new CEA color code specifica-
tion, the Blue terminal is the positive, or "+" ter-
minal that should be connected to the red (+)
terminal on the Surround Left speaker with older
color coding, while the Gray terminal should be
connected to the red (+) terminal on the
Surround Right speaker with the older color cod-
ing. Connect the black (–) terminal on the Digital
Lounge system to the matching black negative
(–) terminals for each surround speaker. (See
page 19 for more information on speaker
Note: You’ll find more details about all
Audio/Video connections under Setup and
Connections on the following pages.
Coaxial Digital Output: Connect this jack
to the matching digital input connector on a
digital recorder such as a CD-R or MiniDisc
Subwoofer Trigger Output: Connect this
trigger output to the trigger input of the
Harman Kardon subwoofer, so that the sub-
woofer will switch on and off at the same time
as the rest of the system.
Coaxial Digital Input: Connect the coaxial
digital output from a DVD player, HDTV receiver,
LD player, MD player, satellite receiver or CD
player to this jack. The signal may be either a
Dolby Digital signal, DTS signal or a standard
PCM digital source.
Digital Media Player (DMP)
Connector: With the Digital Lounge turned off,
connect one end of the optional Harman Kardon
to this proprietary connector, and the
other to your compatible Apple iPod. When the
Digital Media Player source is selected, you may
view your iPod’s control and navigation
messages on your video display and in the
Upper and Lower Display Lines E. You may
navigate the iPod and select tracks for playback
using the
and the
Enter Button
Analog Audio Inputs: Connect these jacks
to the analog audio output on a TV set or exter-
nal audio system for analog audio playback.
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