Harman-Kardon 640 Home Theater System User Manual

n Advanced Analog Signal Conversion
(AASC) Technology
n Automatic TV Channel Search
n Full HD (HD Ready on the DL 632)
with 4 HDMI and DVI inputs
n High-bandwidth Digital Content
Protection (HDCP)
n Built-in DVB-T Tuner and integrated
Multi Standard TV tuner with Picture in
Picture (PIP) and Teletext
n Easy-to-Use On-Screen Navigation
n Playback of MP3 and Windows
Audio Discs and JPEG image files
n Harman Kardon’s exclusive Logic 7
n Harman Kardon’s advanced EzSet/EQ
automatically configures speaker
settings and sets room equalization for
quick, easy and accurate system setup
n Connects to Harman Kardon’s
(optional) for charging, playback and
control of a compatible Apple
n Simultaneous Playback of MP3 and
JPEG files
n Side- and rear-panel USB On-The-Go
connections for playing compatible
music or image files from portable
n Extensive Programming Capability for
Audio and Video Discs
n Parental Lock Controls Prevent
Unauthorized Viewing of Restricted
n Playback of DivX compressed video files
n Multiple Options for Language,
Soundtrack and Subtitle Selection
n Multiple-Angle Capabilities With
Specially Encoded DVD Discs
n Ergonomically Designed Remote
n Multiple digital inputs and outputs
n Multiple Analog Inputs and Outputs
n High Definition On-screen menu and
display system
n Subwoofer Trigger to Control
Subwoofer On/Off
This manual describes the working of your
complete Harman Kardon Digital Lounge system,
and replaces the individual manuals found in
some of the components of your system.
Only use the Digital Lounge system controller
with the loudspeaker system supplied. Failure to
do so may cause damage to either the controller
or the loudspeakers and will invalidate any
All of the optional system settings have been
pre set at our factory for correct operation of the
system. All you have to do is insert a disc, sit
back, and enjoy a great home theater
You may want to change some of the op tion al
set tings. A description of all the optional set tings
and in struc tions for changing them are found in
the second half of the manual.
This system was designed to provide you with
many years of reliable operation with a minimum
of care and main te nance. Every component in
your system was in perfect working con di tion
when it left our fac to ry. If you ex pe ri ence any
problems with the set-up or operation of this
system, please review the Troubleshooting Guide
at the end of this manual before you con tact
your authorized Harman Kardon dealer.
Safety Information
Important Safety Information
Verify Line Voltage Before Use
Your Digital Lounge system has been designed
for use with 220-240-Volt AC current.
Connection to a line voltage other than that for
which it is intended can create a safety and fire
hazard and may damage the system.
If you have any questions about the voltage
requirements for your specific model, or about
the line voltage in your area, contact your dealer
before plugging the unit into a wall outlet.
Do Not Use Extension Cords
To avoid safety hazards, use only the power
cords attached to your system components. We
do not recommend that extension cords be used
with this product. As with all electrical devices,
do not run power cords under rugs or carpets or
place heavy objects on them. Damaged power
cords should be replaced immediately by an
authorized service depot with a cord meeting
factory specifications.
Handle the AC Power Cord Gently
When disconnecting the power cord from an AC
outlet, always pull the plug, never pull the cord.
If you do not intend to use the system for any
considerable length of time, disconnect the plug
from the AC outlet.
Do Not Open the Cabinet
There are no user-serviceable components inside
the system components. Opening the cabinets or
rear panels may present a shock hazard, and any
modification to the system components will void
your guarantee. If water or any metal object
such as a paper clip, wire or a staple accidentally
falls inside the system components, disconnect
them from the AC power source immediately,
and consult an authorized service station.
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