Yamaha CDR200t CD Player User Manual

Thank you for purchasing a Yamaha CDR200t drive. Please read this
manual before using the drive in order to make the best use of the
superior CDR200t functions. After reading, please retain this manual
for future reference.
CDR200t Features
2xS Recording - 6xS Reading
The CDR200t is a CD-ROM recorder capable of recording at double
speed (2xS), or normal speed (1xS). It can read discs at up to 6xS.
Compatible with Seven Different Formats
The CDR200t can both record and read seven different formats: CD-
ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CD-DA, CD-Bridge (multisession), CD-
Extra, and Video CD. The CDR200t is also equipped with an analog
audio output terminal (headphones) for CD-DA.
SCSI 2 for High-Volume, High-Speed Data Transfer
The CDR200t features SCSI 2, the second generation SCSI interface
for connecting computers and peripheral devices. SCSI 2 provides
high-speed transmission of large quantities of data, which is espe-
cially important when working with image data.
Compatible with Windows 95 Plug and Play
SCSI IDs are set automatically by the SCAM protocol (level 1).
Orange Book Part 2 Compatible 5-Mode Recording
The CDR200t conforms to the five recording modes outlined in the
Orange Book Part 2: Track at Once, Multisession, Disc at Once, Ses-
sion at Once, and Packet Writing.