Yamaha CDR200t CD Player User Manual

Important Precautions
Important Precautions
Please read the following precautions before
attempting to operate CDR200t.
Before recording a disc, be sure to clean the disc
and CDR tray using an air aerosol-type dust
A dust particle on the disc may cause recording
to fail, producing an unuseable disc.
Always record in a dust-free environment. If the
disc must be removed from CDR200t before
recording is finished, store the disc in a clean,
dust-free environment.
CDR200t contains no user serviceable parts.
Refer all servicing to qualified personnel.
If any of the following should occur, CDR200t
should be serviced by qualified personnel:
Metal objects or liquids get inside CDR200t.
CDR200t does not operate normally or a marked
change in performance is noticed.
Do not place heavy objects on the CD-R discs.
Do not subject CDR200t and computer to impact
or shock when in use, as this may impair record-
ing or playback.
Yamaha is not responsible for any data or infor-
mation losses resulting from the operation of