Pioneer cdj-1000mk3 CD Player User Manual

Troubleshooting (Error message display)
This component may fail to operate properly due to influence of static electricity or other external influences. In this case, try turning
off the POWER switch, and turn on the power again only when the disc has fully stopped rotating.
This unit cannot play partially recorded CD-R or CD-RW discs that have not been finalized.
This unit plays only standard 12 cm discs and 8 cm discs mounted in proper disc adapters; it cannot play irregularly shaped discs
(damage or malfunctions may occur).
When playing 8 cm discs mounted on adapters, some speed loss may be experienced when using scratch and reverse operations.
This unit for high performance when rotating discs at high speed, but when 8 cm discs are mounted in adapters, the rotation speed
is reduced for safety. This is not a malfunction.
BPM values measured with this unit may differ from published values found on CD labels, or those measured on Pioneer DJ mixers.
This is a result of differences in BPM measuring methods, and is not a malfunction.
When playing CD-R/RW discs, some degradation in performance may be experienced depending on the recording quality of the
individual disc.
Error message display
When the unit is unable to operate properly, an error code is displayed on the display panel. Check the error code displayed against the
following table and take the recommended action to correct the error. If an error code other than any of the error codes listed in the
table below is displayed or if the same error code is displayed even after corrective action has been taken, contact your nearest Pioneer
Service Station or contact the store from which you purchased your player for assistance.
Error code
E72 01
E83 01
E83 02
E83 03
E-83 04
E-83 05
E91 01
Error type
Error content
Cant read TOC data.
Cant play this disc properly.
Cant play this disc properly.
Mechanical operation did not end within
specified time.
Cause and remedy
Disc is cracked.
= Replace disc.
Disc is dirty.
= Clean disc.
If other discs operate normally, problem is with
this disc.
Does not conform to MP3 format.
= Change to disc conforming to MP3 format.
Foreign object in disc loading slot.
= Remove foreign object.