Pioneer cdj-1000mk3 CD Player User Manual

Discs Usable with This Unit (Handling discs)
Handling discs
When holding discs, do not touch their signal surfaces. Hold
by the edges, or by one edge and the center hole.
Do not affix gummed labels or tape to the disc surface. Also,
do not scratch or damage the label.
Discs rotate at high speeds inside the player. Do not use dam-
aged, cracked or warped discs.
Do not play a disc with a special shape
Do not play a disc having other shape than a circular disc,
such as heart shaped disc. Otherwise malfunction may occur.
Storing discs
Discs are made of the same kinds of plastic used for con-
ventional analog audio records. Be careful not to allow discs
to warp. Always store discs in their cases vertically, avoiding
locations with high heat, humidity, or extremely low tem-
peratures. Avoid leaving discs in cars; the interior of a car in
direct sunlight can become extremely hot.
Always read and abide by the precautionary notes listed on
disc labels.
Cleaning discs
Always keep your discs clean by wiping them gently with a
soft cloth from the inner edge toward the outer edge.
When cleaning discs, the use of a commercial CD cleaning kit
is recommended.
If a disc becomes very dirty, dampen a soft cloth with water,
(be sure to wring it out well) and wipe the away dirt gently.
Remove any water drops with another soft, dry cloth.
Do not use record cleaning sprays or anti-static agents on discs.
Never clean discs with benzene, thinner, or other volatile sol-
vents or damage to the disc surface may result.