Pioneer cdj-1000mk3 CD Player User Manual

Before Operating (Names and Functions of Parts)Before Operating (Names and Functions of Parts)Loading and Removing Discs
Loading and Removing Discs
Hold evenly when inserting
Insert with label
surface upwards
1. Set the rear panel POWER switch to ON.
Do not attempt to force a disc into the slot when the POWER
switch is turned OFF, since the disc or loading mechanism may
be damaged.
2. Insert the disc into the loading slot.
Hold the disc with label surface upwards and insert evenly into
the front-panel disc loading slot.
When using 8 cm discs, place the disc into an adapter first.
This unit spins at high speed to provide high performance.
When playing 8 cm discs with an adaptor, for safety rea-
sons the rotation speed is reduced as a result scratch and
reverse speeds will be lower.
Only one disc can be loaded at a time. Do not attempt to load two
or more discs simultaneously, or to load a second disc when an-
other disc is already loaded.
When loading a disc, do not apply bending force on the disc, or
attempt to force the disc into the mechanism. Also, when the load-
ing mechanism begins to pull the disc into the player or to eject a
disc, do not attempt to forcibly override the mechanism’s move-
ment, since the disc or loading mechanism may be damaged.
3. When the EJECT UNLOCK/LOCK switch is set to [UNLOCK],
press the EJECT (0) button to eject a loaded disc.
If the EJECT UNLOCK/LOCK switch is set to [LOCK] , dur-
ing playback press the PLAY/PAUSE (6) button to first
stop the disc, then press the EJECT (0) button. If a cue
point has been set, during playback press the CUE button
to initiate back cue, then press the EJECT (0) button to
eject the disc.
When the button is pressed, disc rotation will stop and the disc
will be ejected partway from the loading slot.
Do not attempt to press the disc back into the slot while the [EJECT]
indicator is lighted. If the disc is pressed back in while the [EJECT]
indicator is lighted, the loading mechanism may stop. In this case,
press the EJECT (0) button again, and do not attempt to reload the
disc until the [EJECT] indicator has turned OFF.
Forced eject function
If a disc fails to be ejected when the EJECT (0) button is
pressed or otherwise when you cannot remove a disc, in-
sert the provided pin into the forced eject hole at the front of
the player (see illustration) and press to eject the disc.
When using the forced eject function, be sure to following
the accompanying precautions.
1 Turn off the player’s power and wait for at least one
Attempting the forced eject function im-
mediately after turning off the power may
cause the following dangers:
The disc may be ejected while still rotating, resulting
in personal injury.
The disc may be damaged due to the disc clamp’s
rotating in an unstable condition.
2 Use only the provided accessory pin for this procedure
(do not use other pointed objects). The forced eject pin
is located on the bottom surface of the player.
When the accessory pin is inserted fully into the forced
eject hole, the disc will be ejected from the loading slot
by about 5 mm to 10 mm. It can then be grasped with the
fingers and removed.
Forced eject hole
Precautions when playing 8 cm CD singles
1 When playing 8 cm CD singles, be sure to use an adapter de-
signed for 8 cm CDs. Before loading the disc into the player,
confirm that the disc is fastened correctly by the adapter’s tabs.
If an 8 cm disc is loaded by mistake without an adapter, immedi-
ately press the EJECT (0) button and remove the disc. If the
disc is not ejected the first time the EJECT (0) button is pressed,
press the button again.
2 Use only 8 cm disc adapters that feature the ' logo mark (rec-
ommended compatible adapters). When mounting the disc to
an adapter, confirm that the disc is able to rotate freely, and is
not bent or warped.