Pioneer cdj-1000mk3 CD Player User Manual

Before Operating (Names and Functions of Parts)Connections
CDJ-1000MK3 CDJ-1000MK3
2. Control cord connections for relay play
By using the accessory control cord to connect the control connectors of two DJ CD Players, automatic relay play can be performed.
( P.19)
3. Connecting other components
A Connecting a stereo amplifier (when not using DJ mixer)
B Connecting a component equipped with DIGITAL IN connectors
The DIGITAL OUT connectors produce audio data only (without subcodes; CD graphics are not supported).
Depending on the CD recorder or other component connected, some recording or other functions may be limited. For details,
consult the operating instructions for the connected component.
4. Connecting the power cord
After completing all other connections, connect one end of the accessory power cord to the AC inlet on the rear side of the player, and
connect the other end to a standard AC wall outlet, or to the auxiliary power outlet on your amplifier.
Accessory control cord
Stereo amplifier
Connect to CD or AUX IN connectors.
(Do not connect to PHONO IN connectors.)
Accessory audio cable
CD recorder or amplifier with
DIGITAL IN connectors, etc.
Commercially available
coaxial digital signal cable