Casio EC-BAND Stereo Amplifier User Manual

emoval of any cover may jeopardize the weather seal, which may cause problems
Check to make sure that the SSPA has not suffered any damage in shipment. Compare contents of
the crate to ensure items received match those listed on the packing slip. Retain all shipping containers
for future use.
Tools and Test Equipment
Have on-hand a standard electrician’s tool kit and any tools listed in your antenna installation
Safety Precautions
Observe normal safety precautions when operating this equipment.
Ensure the AnaSat
SSPA is properly grounded. Do not rely on coaxial cable shields for the
ground connection.
If the cover is removed from any ANACOM product, ensure that all:
gaskets are intact and free of damage prior to reinstallation
mounting screws are properly installed
Ensure all connectors are properly waterproofed.
Power Supply
We strongly recommend that this equipment not be opened in the field, and the warranty will be
void if the housing is opened without authorization, but should you choose to do so, confirm that AC
Power is disconnected before removing the SSPA cover.
Take adequate precautions to ensure the AnaSat
SSPA output does not transmit a signal
until it has been properly connected and set up for authorized frequencies and power levels.
Transmitter RF output power levels are adequate to cause blindness or other serious
injury to body tissues. Use caution when working around the SSPA or antenna when
the system is active.