Casio EC-BAND Stereo Amplifier User Manual

SSPAs are designed for a minimum of maintenance. Periodic scheduled maintenance is
not required. Replacement of the weatherized fan after 7 years is recommended however.
Fan Replacement
The ducted fan shroud should NEVER be removed from the ODU while AC power is
connected to the SSPA. Disconnect AC power before replacing fan.
Some units come with a weatherized fan and ducted fan shroud assembly that is attached to the
PA heatsink, and is outside the SSPA enclosure. It is fairly easy to remove the shroud from the heatsink
in order to replace the fan.
igure 8 - Underside of fan shroud
igure 7 - Fan shroud removed from SSPA
The fan comes with a cable and three-prong connector. After the housing has been removed the
heatsink, the old fan can be unplugged from the block up-converter heatsink and then removed from the
shroud. A replacement fan available from AnaCom, Inc., can then be mounted on the shroud and it’s
connector plugged into the receptacle on the heatsink. The shroud can then be re-attached to the
heatsink using the original screws.
igure 9 - Integrated fan and cable assembly