Casio EC-BAND Stereo Amplifier User Manual

“ON” indicates the SSPA will transmit when all alarms are cleared. This is the normal
“OFF” indicates the SSPA will not turn on even if all alarms are clear.
This can be saved across a reboot using the SAVE command.
SSPA status is either “TX ON AIR” or TX OFF AIR”.
The third line gives a summary alarm indication. If there are no alarms, then “CLEAR”
will be indicated.
The fourth line and fifth lines give the gain value, the TX output level, and the peak
output level seen in the last 10 seconds. TX Gain is given in dB.
The sixth line shows the internal temperature in degrees Celcius, alarm status of the
cooling fan, and internal power supply voltages such as +12VDC, +5VDC, -5VDC.
The remaining data gives the voltages for individual stages of the SSPA power amplifier.
RS232 Serial Port Weather-tight Connector
Cable End View
Cable End View
Pin Signal Description
4 RXD Receive Data (RS232)
5 TXD Transmit Data (RS232)
6 GND Ground
Note dimple next to Pin 1
Figure 10 – RS232 6 pin weather-tight connector
The Cable End View refers to looking into the end of the connecting cable; the Cable Wire View
refers to looking into the connector on the SSPA.