Casio EC-BAND Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Final Check
Recheck all bolts and cabling.
After all other connections have been made (TX RF input, TX RF output, and grounding), connect
the AC power cord to an active outlet.
Water Resistance Wrap
The application of moisture-resistant wrap (mastic tape) to all connectors is recommended to
prevent water entry and resultant water damage. See Figure 6. Apply the mastic tape as follows:
1. Ensure that all connectors are tight.
2. Pre-cut the mastic tape to the desired size and remove the protective wax liner from the tape.
3. Center the tape on the connector to be sealed and wrap the tape tightly around the connector.
Squeeze the tape tightly and ensure that both ends of the tape have formed around the connector
and the cable.
4. Apply the mastic tape to all connectors that may be exposed to moisture.
Figure 6 - Mastic Tape Application