Becker Designed 1432 CD Player User Manual

Radio Operation
Radio Operation
The radio is capable of receiving
monaural AM broadcasts and
monaural and stereo FM broadcasts.
A stereo indicator will appear on the
radio display whenever an FM stereo
signal is received. To select the wave
band you wish to hear, simply press
any one of the numbered station
recall buttons located along the top
of the radio faceplate-1 through 6 for
FM, 7 through 0 for AM. To tune to
a specific station, use any of the
following methods:
Seek and Scan Tuning: The seek
bar, located on the right side of the
radio faceplate, can be used to tune
in broadcast frequencies within AM
or FM wave bands. Pressing the bar
up will cause the radio to lock onto
stations tracked in ascending
frequencies; pressing it down will
track stations in descending order.
The scan bar, located directly to the
right of the seek bar, allows
sampling of radio stations within a
wave band for approimately five
seconds each. If no action is taken
during the five-second period, the
radio will tune to the next station.
Pressing either the seek bar or the
scan bar a second time will cause the
radio to stay tuned to the station
being sampled.
Sensitivity Control: This feature
enables you to choose two tuning
sensitivity levels by pressing the
sensitivity control button located on
the far right side of the radio
faceplate. The level you select will
be indicated by an L (local) or a D
(distant) appearing on the right side
of the radio display. In the local
mode, the radio will seek and scan
only the strongest signals. In the
distant mode, it will seek and scan
less powerful signals as well. The
sensitivity level is automatically
increased after the entire wave band
has been sampled without finding a
Direct Frequency Tuning: To tune
directly to a specific frequency,
switch to your desired wave band-
AM or FM-as described, then press
the function control button, which is
AM or FM *
identified by a star "*" and located
just to the right of the radio display.
The display will go blank. Next,
press the numbered buttons
corresponding to the digits of your
desired station. For example, to
select the frequency 98.5, you would
first press the function control button
to clear the display. Then you would
press button numbers 9, 8 and 5 in
consecutive order. The display
would then read 98.5, and the station
at that frequency would begin