Becker Designed 1432 CD Player User Manual

Compact Disc Operation
If the optional dealer-installed CD
changer is connected to your system,
it can be operated via the same keys
that control the radio and cassette
The same instructions that govern
volume, tone and balance in the
radio and cassette modes apply to the
CD mode as well. However, some
system functions and procedures are
exclusive to the CD mode.
Loading the CD Magazine and CD
Changer: The CD changer is inside
the car's trunk. Its magazine will
accept up to ten discs. Insert the
discs into the magazine
compartments with the label surface
facing up.
When the magazine is loaded, place
it into the CD changer port. An
arrow on the top surface of the
magazine indicates which end should
be inserted first. When you feel the
magazine lock snugly into position
in the port, close the port door.
During this procedure, the display
panel will read LOAD M if in CD
mode. Once the CD changer cycles
through the discs in the magazine,
the first CD will play.
Ejecting the CD Magazine: To
eject the magazine from the CD
changer, press the CD port door lock
to open the magazine port door.
Press the magazine eject button
inside the port door and the
magazine will automatically slide
halfway out of the magazine port;
remove the magazine manually and
close the port door.
To Play CDs: First, turn on the
radio. Press the mode button once or
twice, depending on the operating
mode set before, until CD appears on
the display. If the CD magazine has
not been inserted into the CD
changer or if there are no discs in the
CD magazine, the display will
indicate CD-M-E, meaning CD
Magazine Empty.
The radio's station recall buttons,
numbered 1FM through 0AM,
function as CD disc-select buttons as
well. To play the disc in the CD
magazine's fourth compartment, for
example, press button 4FM.