Becker Designed 1432 CD Player User Manual

playing. The driver, of course,
should not
v ^
use the direct frequency method
when the vehicle is in motion.
Manual Tuning: To manually tune
through each possible radio
broadcast frequency in ascending
order, press the right manual tuning
button. Each possible frequency
number will appear in the display as
you reach it. To manually tune
through radio stations in descending
order, press the left manual tuning
Push-Button Memory Tuning: The
most convenient method of tuning is
to store your favorite stations in the
radio's memory. Six FM stations and
four AM stations may be stored by
using the numbered station recall
buttons located along the top of the
radio faceplate.
First, using either the seek, scan, or
direct frequency tuning methods,
tune in the station you wish to store.
Next, push and hold the numbered
station recall button you wish to use.
The radio will display the station
currently stored at that number.
Continue holding the button until
this station is deleted from memory
and the frequency of your newly
selected station appears on the
display. The new frequency will be
stored in memory.
To play a cassette, insert it into the
cassette port with its side one or A
up and the exposed tape side facing
the port. The cassette will be drawn
automatically into the deck. At the
conclusion of the first side's play, the
auto-reverse mechanism will
automatically begin playing the other
side of the tape.
If a tape has already been loaded but
a different mode (tuner or CD) has
been subsequently selected, press the
mode button until cassette play
CR Tape Switch: This feature
allows you to select the proper
equalization setting for playing
chromium dioxide (CrO
) or "metal"
cassette tapes. The radio display will
show CR when this option has been