Becker Designed 1432 CD Player User Manual

Balance: Left-to-right stereo balance is
adjusted using the same buttons that
control bass and treble levels. First press
the function control button, which is on
the right side of the display and marked
with a star "*". To shift sound balance to
the left speakers, press the bass control
button. To shift balance to the right
speakers, press the treble control button.
Balance can be set to the mid-position
by pressing both buttons simultaneously.
A visual indication of the
balance setting is provided on the
display when the balance feature is
Fader: A fader control is provided on
models equipped with both front and
rear speakers. Located on the lower
console near the gear selector, this
thumbwheel control can be adjusted to
suit your preference. Dialing the
thumbwheel forward will increase
output of the front speakers while
reducing that of the rear. Conversely,
dialing the thumbwheel backward will
increase output of the rear speakers,
while reducing that of the front.
Positioning the thumbwheel in its center
detent will equalize sound output.
Antenna: The antenna extends
automatically whenever the radio is
switched on and retracts whenever the
radio or the vehicle's ignition is
switched off.
Power-Off Delay: When you are
listening to the sound system and turn
off the ignition key, the sound system
will continue playing for three seconds.
This allows you sufficient time to turn
the ignition key to the accessory
position without interrupting the
function of the radio, the cassette player
or the optional CD changer.
Battery Conservation: It is possible to
operate the radio when the ignition is off
for up to an hour. After one hour, the
radio will automatically shut itself off to
conserve battery power. If continued
listening is desired, simply press the
power button again.