Becker Designed 1432 CD Player User Manual

Power: The sound system will
operate with the car's ignition switch
in either the PWR on or off
position. To operate the radio or the
optional CD changer, simply push
the power button located at the lower
left corner of the radio faceplate.
Pushing the power button again will
turn the radio off. A tape cassette can
be played without using the power
button by simply inserting the tape
into the cassette port. As soon as the
cassette is drawn into position, it will
begin to play.
Mode: Pushing this button
repeatedly will cause the radio to
cycle through each of its MODE
operating modes: tuner, cassette
player and CD player (if so
Volume: Sound level is adjusted by
means of the volume bar located on the
left side of the radio faceplate. Press
VOLUME upward to increase
volume or downward to decrease
Speed-Dependent Volume
Adjustment: A special function
adjusts the volume of sound a preset
amount according to vehicle speed.
Thus, increased wind and road noise
are compensated for as the vehicle is
driven faster. When vehicle speed
and thus ambient sound level drop,
the volume is automatically lowered
a preset amount.
Tone: Two tone buttons, identified
by musical notes, are located above
the volume bar. The left button
controls bass, and the right controls
treble. A bar graph at the left of the
radio display indicates relative bass
and treble settings.
To bring both bass and treble tones
to their midrange settings, press both
buttons simultaneously. To bring
either bass or treble tone to
maximum level, press and hold the
respective button. If the button is
released and then pressed again, the
tone level will move toward its
minimum level. To reverse
adjustment direction, the maximum
level must be reached first. The
system is equipped with a memory
function that will store the
adjustment tone levels of AM, FM,
cassette and optional CD modes