Becker Designed 1432 CD Player User Manual

Antitheft System
The Mercedes-Benz AM and FM
stereo radio with cassette player and
CD compatibility is fitted with a
built-in system designed to help
render it inoperative in case of theft.
If the radio or battery is
disconnected, the radio will be
automatically disabled. To indicate
this state, the word CODE will
appear on the radio's display. To
render the radio operable again, the
correct four-digit code must be
entered into the radio via its
numbered station recall buttons. A
code is preassigned to each radio and
supplied to the owner on two wallet-
sized cards.
Recoding Sequence: To recode a
radio, follow this procedure: 1. Turn
ignition key to lock position one.
2. Turn on the radio. The word
CODE appears on the display. 3.
Enter the first digit of the radio's
antitheft code as it appears on the
code card. The word CODE will
disappear and the first number that
you have entered will be displayed.
4. Enter the rest of the antitheft code.
Each number will be displayed when
it is keyed in. 5. When all four
antitheft code numbers have been
correctly entered, radio operation
will resume. The station stored at
push-button 1FM will play.
Incorrect Code: If an incorrect
antitheft code digit is entered,
continue to enter numbers until four
are displayed. The word CODE will
appear again. The system allows two
more recoding attempts. After the
third incorrect attempt, the word
WAIT is displayed. A period of 15
minutes must pass and the word
CODE must again be displayed
before recoding can be successful.
The radio must be left ON during
this period. This measure is meant to
prevent a thief from recoding the
radio by randomly entering numbers.
If the correct antitheft code has not
been entered after three separate
attempts-and therefore after two 15-
minute WAIT intervals-the radio will
lock for 24 hours to prevent any
further recoding attempts. The radio
must be left ON during this period in
order for it to reenter the CODE
Code cards should not be stored in
the glove compartment. During
vehicle service at an authorized
Mercedes-Benz dealer, we
recommend that you leave one card
with your service advisor. Thus, if
the battery is disconnected, the
service advisor can recode the radio
before the car is returned to you.
If the car is equipped with a
Mercedes-Benz antitheft alarm
system, the alarm will sound should
the radio be removed from the
console while the alarm system is
armed. If you have difficulty
reprogramming the radio or if the
reprogramming function fails to
operate, please contact your
authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.