Becker Designed 1432 CD Player User Manual

Display of Tracks and Playing
Time: To determine the number of
tracks on the selected disc, press the
function control button "*", and then
the tape selection button CR. The
display will indicate the total number
of selections for eight seconds.
Similarly, to determine how long a
disc has been playing, press the
function control button "*", and then
the mode button. A three- or four-
digit number will appear in the
display - the first one or two
indicating minutes, the second two
indicating seconds. A display
readout of 3417 means the disc has
been playing for thirty-four minutes
and seventeen seconds.
Maintenance Notes for CD
System: Extreme temperatures will
affect the performance of the CD
system. However, optimum
performance will occur between 32
and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
Dampness on the disc surface can be
caused by changing temperatures and
may affect disc performance,
inhibiting the system's laser from
focusing and making it impossible
for it to read the contents of a disc.
As soon as relative humidity has
decreased, this situation will correct
itself, usually within one or two
Although compact discs are specially
coated for durability, they should
still be handled carefully. Handle
discs only by the edges and avoid
fingerprints, dust, scratches, and
dampness on both surfaces. Do not
label the discs or affix paper or tape
to them. After removing a disc from
the magazine, store it in its original
If needed, clean the disc with a CD
cleaning cloth, wiping radially from
the center of the disc to the edge. Do
not use solvents such as benzene,
thinner, or commercially available
cleaners intended for analog discs.
Mistracking or skipping due to road
shock is unavoidable but will not
damage the unit or discs.
Caution: This CD player contains
a Class 1 laser unit. If the cover is
opened or damaged, there is
danger from invisible laser
radiation. Do not remove the
cover. There are no parts that can
be repaired by the user. Only
qualified service technicians
should attempt internal
maintenance or repairs.