Becker Designed 1432 CD Player User Manual

Load 4 appears on the display as the
disc is placed into position; the
display changes to CD 14 once the
disc begins to play.
To interrupt one disc and choose
another press the appropriate disc-
selector button for the disc desired.
The display will read LOAD and the
number of the desired disc until the
newly selected disc begins playing.
Should two horizontal lines appear
on the right side of the display, this
indicates that an empty compartment
in the CD magazine was selected.
Forward Music Search/Fast
Forward: To move from one track
to the next on the same CD, simply
press the forward music search
button. The current track will fade
out, and a moment later the CD's
next selection will begin. Similarly,
to move ahead three selections,
quickly press the key three times.
To move consecutively through
several tracks, press and hold the
forward music search button; in this
way, you can advance as far as the
beginning of the last track on the
To fast-forward through a given
track, press the function control
button "*" and then the forward
music search button. To help gauge
your progress through a track, the
disc's elapsed playing time will be
indicated on the display.
Reverse Music Search/Fast
Reverse: To repeat an earlier track
on the disc you are listening to, press
the reverse music search button.
Press it once to go back to the
beginning of the selection currently
playing, twice to return to the
beginning of the previous selection,
and so forth.
Press this button for a sustained
period, and you will move
consecutively through several
selections, all the way to the
beginning of the disc, if you choose.
To fast-reverse through a given
selection, press the function control
button "*" followed by the reverse
music search button. To help monitor
how far you have back-tracked
through the selection, the display
will indicate the disc's elapsed
playing time.
Random Track Play: To play the
tracks on a CD in nonconsecutive
order, press the Dolby® B/C button
once. In this mode, the track number
indicated on the display will be
followed by an R to show that
selections are being randomly
chosen. To cancel this command and
return to sequential playing of CD
selections as they are ordered on the
disc, press the Dolby® B/C button
once more.