TOA Electronics BA-800 Cassette Player User Manual

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Power Switch
Press this switch to turn power ON. To turn power OFF, press this switch again.
Power Indicator (Green)
Lights when the power is switched ON, and goes out when switched OFF.
Play Button
Press this button when playing back a tape. For details, refer to "Tape Playback" on p.17.
Stop Button
Press this button to stop the tape run.
Tape Travel Indicator (Green)
The indicator of a cassette player unit in operation lights. It flashes when the cassette player unit fails. Refer to
"Fault indication" on p.26.
Eject Button
Press this button to eject the tape.
Blank Skip Switch
Set this switch to ON to use the "blank skip" function. Set it to OFF when not using the function. Refer to p.26 for
this function.
Track Sequence Selection Switch
Selects tape playback order. For details, refer to p.20 "Track Sequence Selection".
Auto-Reverse Cassette Player Unit (CU-800)
Cassette Tape Receptacle
Dolby NR Switch (OFF/ON)
Set this switch to ON when playing a tape recorded with Dolby B-type NR.
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