TOA Electronics BA-800 Cassette Player User Manual

Revolving parts of a unit mechanism are impaired with extended use, downgrading the sound quality. The CU-
800's life is approximately 2,000 hours, which can be made 4,000 hours (500 days for 8 hours per day) by
using two units alternately. Whenever possible, attempt to use both units of the BA-800, BA-806 or BA-823 to
make overall unit life longer. If the unit is used for more than 1,000 hours and the sound quality deteriorates,
replace it with a new unit. For cassette player unit (CU-800) replacement, contact your nearest TOA dealer.
Cleaning the head section
The head section is comprised of the heads, capstans and pinch rollers, and with extended use these parts
accumulate dust, dirt, and grease easily as the tape runs. If this assembly gets dirty, the contact between the tape
and the surface of the heads is impaired and this not only downgrades the sound quality, but causes a tape twist
around the pinch roller and capstan. To prevent this, clean the head section and surrounding parts regularly once a
Demagnetizing the heads
The recording head becomes magnetized when you use the player for prolong periods of time. This results in noise
being generated and the treble dropping off. The head should therefore be regularly demagnetized with the
commercial head eraser.
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