Canton CDX-GT720 CD Player User Manual

Push up/down to:
Skip albums (push)*
Skip albums continuously (push and
Push left/right to:
Skip tracks (push).
Skip tracks continuously (push, then push
again within about 2 seconds and hold).
Reverse/fast-forward a track (push and
Push up/down to:
Receive stored station.
Push left/right to:
Tune in stations automatically (push).
Find a station manually (push and hold).
E Disc slot page 5
To insert the disc.
F Display window
G Z (eject)/ANGLE button page 5
To eject the disc/slide down the front panel
(press); angle the front panel in 3 positions
(press and hold).
H (front panel release) button page 5
I SOURCE button
To power on; change the source (Radio/CD/
J DSPL (display) button page 8
To change display items.
K RESET button (Location behind the front
panel) page 4
L SCRL (scroll) button
To scroll the display item.
M OFF button
To power off; stop the source.
N AUX input jack page 11
To connect a portable audio device.
O Receptor for the card remote
The following buttons on the card remote
commander have also different buttons/functions
from the unit. Remove the insulation film before
use (page 4).
qh MENU button
To enter menu.
qj ENTER button
To apply a setting.
qk </, (SEEK –/+) buttons
The same as pushing the multi way encoder
left/right on the unit.
Setup, sound setting, etc., can be operated by
< ,.
ql VOL (volume) +/– button
To adjust volume.
w; ATT (attenuate) button
To attenuate the sound. To cancel, press
wa SOUND button
To enter sound setting.
To list up.
wd M/m (+/–) buttons
The same as pushing the multi way encoder
up/down on the unit.
Setup, sound setting, etc., can be operated by
M m.
wf Number buttons
(1): REP page 8
(2): SHUF page 8
(6): PAUSE
To pause playback. To cancel, press
To receive stored stations (press); store
stations (press and hold).
*1 When the SAT tuner is connected.
*2 In the case of a CD/MD changer, HD radio tuner or
SAT tuner being connected; when (SOURCE) is
pressed, the connected device (“MD,” “HD,” “XM” or
“SR”) will appear in the display, depending on
which device is connected. Furthermore, if
(MODE) is pressed, you can switch the changer,
HD radio tuner band or SAT tuner band.
*3 When an MP3/WMA/AAC is played.
If the unit is turned off and the display disappears, it
cannot be operated with the card remote commander
unless (SOURCE) on the unit is pressed, or a disc is
inserted to activate the unit first.