Canton CDX-GT720 CD Player User Manual

Error displays/Messages
The Auto Off function does not operate.
The unit is turned on. The Auto Off function activates
after turning off the unit.
tTurn off the unit.
Card remote commander operation is not
Make sure the insulation film has been removed
(page 4).
DSO does not function.
Depending on the type of car interior or type of music,
DSO may not have a desirable effect.
The images change automatically.
In Auto Image mode, the selected image cannot be
tTo display selected image only, set to “Auto Image
off” (page 10).
Any display items do not display.
tSet to “Info All” (page 11).
Cannot adjust the volume level
The portable audio device was not connected when
AUX was selected as (SOURCE).
tConnect the portable audio device to the AUX input
CD/MD playback
The disc cannot be loaded.
• Another disc is already loaded.
• The disc has been forcibly inserted upside down or in
the wrong way.
The disc does not playback.
• Defective or dirty disc.
• The CD-Rs/CD-RWs are not for audio use (page 14).
MP3/WMA/AAC files take longer to play back
than others.
The following discs take a longer time to start
– a disc recorded with a complicated tree structure.
– a disc recorded in Multi Session.
– a disc to which data can be added.
The display items do not scroll.
• For discs with very many characters, those may not
• “Auto Scroll” is set to off.
tSet to “Auto Scroll on” (page 11) or press
The sound skips.
• Installation is not correct.
tInstall the unit at an angle of less than 45° in a
sturdy part of the car.
• Defective or dirty disc.
The operation buttons do not function.
The disc will not eject.
Press the RESET button (page 4).
Radio reception
The stations cannot be received.
The sound is hampered by noises.
Connect a power antenna (aerial) control lead (blue)
or accessory power supply lead (red) to the power
supply lead of a car’s antenna (aerial) booster (only
when your car has built-in FM/AM antenna (aerial)
in the rear/side glass).
• Check the connection of the car antenna (aerial).
The auto antenna (aerial) will not go up.
tCheck the connection of the power antenna
(aerial) control lead.
• Check the frequency.
When the DSO mode is on, the sound is sometimes
hampered by noises.
tSet the DSO mode to “off” (page 9).
Preset tuning is not possible.
Store the correct frequency in the memory.
The broadcast signal is too weak.
Automatic tuning is not possible.
The local seek mode is set to “on.”
tSet to “Local off” (page 11).
The broadcast signal is too weak.
tPerform manual tuning.
During FM reception, the “ST” indication
• Tune in the frequency accurately.
The broadcast signal is too weak.
tSet to “Mono on” (page 11).
An FM program broadcast in stereo is heard in
The unit is in monaural reception mode.
tSet to “Mono off” (page 11).
Blank Disc
Tracks have not been recorded on the MD.
tPlay an MD with recorded tracks.
The disc is dirty or inserted upside down.*
tClean or insert the disc correctly.
A blank disc has been inserted.
The disc cannot play because of some problem.
tInsert another disc.
The connection of speakers/amplifiers is incorrect.
tSee the installation guide manual of this model to
check the connection.
Failure (Illuminates for about 1 second.)
When the SAT tuner is connected, storing an SAT
radio channel into a preset failed.
tBe sure to receive the channel that you want to
store, then try it again.
The changer is loading the disc.
tWait until loading is complete.
Local Seek +/–
The local seek mode is on during automatic tuning.