Canton CDX-GT720 CD Player User Manual

Welcome !
Thank you for purchasing this Sony Compact
Disc Player. You can enjoy your drive with the
following functions.
CD playback
You can play CD-DA (also containing CD
(page 14)).
Radio reception
You can store up to 6 stations per band (FM1,
FM2, FM3, AM1 and AM2).
BTM (Best Tuning Memory): The unit selects
strong signal stations and stores them.
Sound adjustment
EQ3 parametric: You can choose any one
of 7 preset equalizer curves, and adjust as
DSO (Dynamic Soundstage Organizer):
Creates a more ambient sound field, using
virtual speaker synthesis, to enhance the
sound of speakers, even if they are installed
low in the door.
Image setting
You can set various display images on the unit.
Optional device operation
You can also control optional device, such as
CD/MD changers, etc.
Auxiliary equipment connection
An AUX input jack on the front of the unit
allows connection of a portable audio device.
Getting Started
Resetting the unit
Before operating the unit for the first time, or
after replacing the car battery or changing the
connections, you must reset the unit.
Detach the front panel and press the RESET
button with a pointed object, such as a ball-point
Pressing the RESET button will erase the clock setting
and some stored contents.
Preparing the card remote
Before using the card remote commander for the
first time, remove the insulation film.
For how to replace the battery, see “Replacing the
lithium battery of the card remote commander” on
page 15.
Setting the clock
The clock uses a 12-hour digital indication.
1 Press and hold the multi way encoder.
2 Rotate the multi way encoder until
“Clock Adjust” appears, then press it.
The clock adjustment display appears.
3 Rotate the multi way encoder to set
the hour and minute.
To move the digital indication, push the multi
way encoder left/right.
4 After setting the minute, press the
multi way encoder.
The clock starts.
Type of discs Label on the disc
RESET button