Canton CDX-GT720 CD Player User Manual

If these solutions do not help improve the situation,
consult your nearest Sony dealer.
If you take the unit to be repaired because of CD
playback trouble, bring the disc that was used at the
time the problem began.
NO Album Name
An album name is not written in the track.
NO Disc
The disc is not inserted in the CD/MD changer.
tInsert discs in the changer.
NO Disc Name
A disc/album/group/track name is not written in the
NO ID3 Tag
ID3 tag information is not written in the MP3 file.
NO Information
Text information is not written in the WMA/AAC files.
NO Magazine
The disc magazine is not inserted in the CD changer.
tInsert the magazine in the changer.
NO Music
The disc does not contain a music file.
tInsert a music CD in this unit or MP3 playable
NO Track Name
A track name is not written in the track.
Not Read
The disc information has not been read by the unit.
tLoad the disc, then select it on the list.
Not Ready
The lid of the MD changer is open or the MDs are not
inserted properly.
tClose the lid or insert the MDs properly.
There may be an internal malfunction.
tCheck the connection. If the error indication
remains on in the display, consult your nearest
Sony dealer.
The unit is reading all track and album/group
information on the disc.
tWait until reading is complete and playback starts
automatically. Depending on the disc structure, it
may take more than a minute.
Push Reset
The CD unit and CD/MD changer cannot be operated
because of some problem.
tPress the RESET button (page 4).
“” or “”
During fast-forward or reverse, you have reached the
beginning or the end of the disc and you cannot go any
The character cannot be displayed with the unit.
*1 The disc number of the disc causing the error
appears in the display.
*2 If an error occurs during playback of a CD or MD,
the disc number of the CD or MD does not appear
in the display.