Canton CDX-GT720 CD Player User Manual

Detaching the front panel
You can detach the front panel of this unit to
prevent theft.
Caution alarm
If you turn the ignition switch to the OFF
position without detaching the front panel, the
caution alarm will sound for a few seconds.
The alarm will only sound if the built-in
amplifier is used.
1 Press (OFF).
The unit is turned off.
2 Press .
The left side of front panel is released.
3 Slide the front panel to the left, then
gently pull out the front panel towards
Do not drop or put excessive pressure on the front
panel and display window.
Do not subject the front panel to heat/high
temperature or moisture. Avoid leaving it in a parked
car or on a dashboard/rear tray.
Attaching the front panel
Place the hole A of the front panel onto the
spindle B on the unit, then lightly push the left
side in.
Press (SOURCE) on the unit (or insert a disc) to
operate the unit.
Do not put anything on the inner surface of the front
Inserting the disc in the unit
1 Press Z.
The front panel slides down automatically.
2 Insert the disc (label side up).
The front panel slides up automatically, then
playback starts automatically.
Ejecting the disc
1 Press Z.
The front panel slides down automatically,
then the disc is ejected.
2 Press Z to close the front panel.
The front panel slides up automatically after 15
seconds of the front panel sliding down.
Adjusting the angle of the front
1 Press and hold (ANGLE) repeatedly
until the front panel is angled
The front panel can be set to 3 positions.
To return the front panel to its default position,
press and hold (ANGLE) repeatedly until the
front panel is returned to its default position.
After the front panel slides down (to insert the disc),
it returns to the position you set again automatically.
The front panel angle you set is stored in the unit.
When turning the ignition off, the angle returns to its
default position, then turning the ignition on, the front
panel is angled you set.