Yamaha DV-S5550 Home Theater System User Manual

1 Select Z in the menu bar or press SUBTITLE
on the remote control directly.
2 Press SUBTITLE or 3/4 repeatedly to select the
different subtitles.
Special VCD & SVCD Features
Playback Control (PBC)
1 Load a Video CD with PBC and press PLAY.
2 Go through the menu with the buttons indicated
on the Video monitor until your chosen passage
starts to playback. If a PBC menu consists of a list
of tracks, you can select a track directly.
3 Enter your choice with the numeric buttons.
4 Press RETURN/RESUME to go back to the
previous menu, if applicable on the menu.
5 You may also select PBC off under Personal
When set to off, PBC menus are not
activated for further playback.
When PBC is on, you cannot operate resume,
shuffle, repeat, A-B repeat, scan, time search and
Special CD & MP3 Features
CD text and MP3 text
1 Some CD or MP3-CD discs may contain text
information (eg. track name, album name, artist
name etc.) which will appear on the front display
and video monitor during playback.
2 By default, CD text display is set to ON.
3 To switch off the CD text display, press CD
TEXT/BIT RATE during playback.
4 Press CD TEXT/BIT RATE again to switch on the
text display mode.
General Features
Unless stated, all operations described are
based on remote control use. Some operations can
be carried out using the menu bar on the Video
Moving to another title/chapter
When a disc has more than one title/track or
chapter, you can move to another title/chapter as
1 Press ON SCREEN, then select W or X in the
menu bar.
2 Press 34 or numeric buttons to select a title/
1 Press T or S briefly during playback to go
to the next track or to return to the beginning
of the currect track respectively.
2 Press S twice briefly to step back to the
previous track.
3 To go directly to any track, enter the track
number using the numeric buttons.
Long press of the T or S will switch on
backward or forward search (see serch section).
1 Select in the menu bar and press 4.
2 Use 1/2 to select the required speed: –32, –8 or
–4 (backward), or +4, +8, +32 (forward).
3 Select 1 or press PLAY to play the disc at normal
speed again.
To exit the search mode, press 3.
(Playback continues at the selected speed.)
To search forward or backward through different
speeds, you can also hold down T or S
for more than two seconds.