Yamaha DV-S5550 Home Theater System User Manual

Inserting batteries into the
Remote Control
1 Open the battery cover.
2 Insert batteries (AA size) with the correct
polarity as indicated by the + and - symbols
inside the battery compartment.
3 Close the cover.
Remove batteries if they are exhausted
or not to be used for a long time.
Do not use old and new or different
types of batteries in combination.
Batteries contain chemical substances, so
they should be disposed off properly and
kept away from children.
Using the Remote Control
Direct the remote control at the remote sensor
of this unit.
Do not drop the remote control.
Do not leave the remote control near extremely
hot or humid place.
Do not spill water or put anything wet on the
remote control.
NTSC/PAL Conversion
This unit is equipped with an NTSC/PAL
conversion feature that converts the video
output of the disc to match your TV system. To
activate the conversion refer to page 9.
Turning on the power
1 Connect the AC power cord to the power
2 Tur n on the TV and your AV receiver.
3 Select the appropriate input source at the AV
receiver that was used to connect to this unit.
Refer to the equipment owner’s manual for
4 Turn this unit on.
5 Set the TV to the correct Video IN channel. (eg.
(Refer to your TV owner’s manual for detail)
The front display lights up and the default
screen appears on the TV.
General Explanation
About this Manual
This manual gives the basic instructions for
operating this unit. Some DVDs require specific
operation or allow only limited operation during
playback which may not respond to all operating
commands. When this occurs, the symbol Ä
appears on the video monitor, indicating that the
operation is not permitted by this unit or the
Remote control operation
Unless stated, all operations can be carried out
with the remote control. Always point the
remote control directly at the player, making sure
there are no obstructions in the path of the
infrared beam.
Corresponding buttons on the front panel can
also be used.