Pioneer VSX-51 Stereo Receiver User Manual

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Using AVNavigator
1 Click [AVNavigator] on the desktop to
launch AVNavigator.
AVNavigator is launched and Wiring Navi
starts up. The language selection screen
appears. Follow the instructions on the screen
to make the connections and automatic
Wiring Navi only starts up automatically the
first time AVNavigator is launched.
2 Select and use the desired function.
AVNavigator includes the following functions:
! Wiring Navi – Guides you through
connections and initial settings in dialog
fashion. High precision initial settings can be
made easily.
! Interactive Manual – Automatically displays
the pages explaining the functions that have
been operated on the receiver. It is also
possible to operate the receiver from the
Interactive Manual.
! Glossary – Displays glossary pages.
! MCACC Appli – Displays Advanced
MCACC measurement results vividly on the
There are special operating instructions
for MCACC Application. These instructions
are included in the AVNavigator
Interactive Manual’s menus. Refer to them
when using MCACC Application.
! Software Update – Allows various types of
software to be updated.
! Settings – Used to make various
AVNavigator settings.
! Detection – Used to detect the receiver.
To use the AVNavigator of another model, first
uninstall (delete) this receiver’s AVNavigator,
then install the AVNavigator of the other model.
Deleting the AVNavigator
You can use the following method to uninstall
(delete) the AVNavigator from your PC.
% Delete from the Control Panel of the
From the Start menu, click “Program”
“AVNavigator(VSX-51 or VSX-50)” d “Uninstall”.