Pioneer VSX-51 Stereo Receiver User Manual

03 Connecting your equipment
Plugging in the receiver
Only plug in after you have connected all your
components to this receiver, including the
! Handle the power cord by the plug part. Do
not pull out the plug by tugging the cord, and
never touch the power cord when your hands
are wet, as this could cause a short circuit or
electric shock. Do not place the unit, a piece of
furniture, or other object on the power cord or
pinch the cord in any other way. Never make
a knot in the cord or tie it with other cables.
The power cords should be routed so that they
are not likely to be stepped on. A damaged
power cord can cause a fire or give you an
electric shock. Check the power cord once in a
while. If you find it damaged, ask your nearest
Pioneer authorized independent service
company for a replacement.
! Do not use any power cord other than the one
supplied with this unit.
! Do not use the supplied power cord for any
purpose other than that described below.
! The receiver should be disconnected by
removing the mains plug from the wall
socket when not in regular use, e.g., when on
1 Plug the supplied power cord into the
AC IN socket on the back of the receiver.
2 Plug the other end into a power outlet.
! After this receiver is connected to an AC
outlet, a 2 second to 10 second HDMI
initialization process begins. You cannot
carry out any operations during this process.
The HDMI indicator in the front panel display
blinks during this process, and you can turn
on this receiver once it has stopped blinking.
When you set the Control with HDMI to OFF,
you can skip this process. For details about
the Control with HDMI feature, see Control
with HDMI function on page 44 .