JL Audio TR400-CXI Speaker User Manual

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for the
(2003-Up Chevrolet Suburban,Tahoe,
Silverado &
GMC Yukon,YukonXL, Sierra with front
bucket seats and center console)
This Stealthbox is a product which
requires professional installation skills and
Please read this installation guide thor-
oughly before beginning the project. It
will guide you step by step through the
installation. Several of the steps in this
process may require two people to
It is absolutely vital that the enclosure
be properly mounted to the vehicle
according to these instructions. Failure
to mount the enclosure properly pres-
ents two problems: 1) The sub-bass
performance will suffer due to the
movement of the enclosure caused by
the force exerted by the woofer(s) and
2) A loose enclosure presents a serious
safety hazard in the event of a collision
or sudden deceleration.
Please enjoy your JL Audio Stealthbox
Read the instructions completely, before the start of
the install.
This Stealthbox Enclosure install does require per-
manent modification to the OEM inner console.
STEP 1: Engage the emergency brake.
Place the key into the ignition and turn to the accessory posi-
The shifter and the steering wheel needs to be posi-
tioned all the way down.
Remove the front dash cluster panel, by pulling the dash trim
towards you and work around the diameter. Be careful not to
damage the four way light push button, located on top of the
steering column.
Once the trim is removed. Place the transmission into park,
remove the key from the ignition and pop the emergency brake.
STEP 2: Moving down to the top portion of the
center console. Pull the upper storage pocket panel
out and disconnect the electrical outlets.
STEP 3: Pull the cup holders up and out of the
center console.
STEP 4: On the upper lip of the main storage
bucket, remove all the screws, including the storage
lid’s screws.
STEP 5: To remove the main storage bucket,
remove the rubber mat.This will expose the four
screws that need to be removed.
Once all these screws have been removed. Remove
the storage bucket by lifting up and out of the con-
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