Harman-Kardon AVR 7000 Stereo Receiver User Manual

3 Introduction
4 Safety Information
4 Unpacking
5 Front Panel Controls
7 Front Panel Information Display
9 Rear Panel Connections
11 Main Remote Control Functions
14 Zone II Remote Control Functions
15 Installation and Connections
18 System Configuration
20 Input Setup
20 Surround Setup
20 Delay Settings
21 Crossover Frequency
22 Speaker Setup
23 Output Level Adjustment
25 Operation
25 Basic Operation
25 Source Selection
25 Surround Mode Selection
26 Surround Mode Chart
27 Digital Audio Playback
29 Tuner Operation
29 Tape Recording
29 Output Level Trim Adjustment
30 6-Channel Direct Input
31 Advanced Features
31 Front Panel Input/Output
31 Display Brightness
31 Turn On Volume Level
32 OSD Settings
33 Multiroom Operation
34 Programming the Remote
34 Direct Code Entry
34 Auto Search Method
34 Code Readout
35 Learning Codes From a Remote
35 Macro Programming
36 Programmed Device Functions
36 Volume Punch-Through
37 Reassigning Device Control
37 Erasing Learned Codes
38 Function List
39 Setup Code Tables
46 Troubleshooting Guide
46 Processor Reset
47 Technical Specifications
AVR 7000 Audio/Video Receiver
Typographical Conventions
In order to help you use this manual with the remote control, front-panel controls and rear-panel
connections, certain conventions have been used.
EXAMPLE – (bold type) indicates a specific remote control or front-panel button, or rear-panel
connection jack
EXAMPLE – (OCR type) indicates a message that is visible on the front-panel information display
EXAMPLE – (outlined type) indicates a lit indicator in the front-panel information display
1 – (number in a square) indicates a specific front-panel control
¡ – (number in a circle) indicates a rear-panel connection
a – (number in an oval) indicates a button or indicator on the remote
A – (letter in a square) indicates an indicator in the front-panel display
– (letter in an oval) indicates a button on the Zone II remote