Clarion AX410 Cassette Player User Manual

• Z-ENHANCER 1: bass emphasized
• Z-ENHANCER 2: treble emphasized
• Z-ENHANCER 3: bass and treble emphasized
• Z-EHCR OFF: no sound effect
Loudness Function
Press the LD button 3 for at least 1 second to
turn the loudness function on and off.
Switching the Display
Press the DISP button 7 to enter the clock dis-
play mode.
Operation mode display
Clock display
Operation mode display
Setting the Clock
1) Press the DISP button 7 to enter the clock
display mode.
2) Press the DISP button
7 for 1 second or
more. This enables clock editing.
The editable fields will be indicated by flash.
3) To move between the hour and minute fields,
use the SRCH Left (hour) and Right (minute)
buttons $.
4) To confirm the clock setting, press the DISP
If you select another operation mode before complet-
ing the above procedure, the clock setting operation
will be canceled.
Removing the battery for a check or repair causes the
clock to be reset. Set the clock again in such a case.
Tape Operation
Loading Tapes
Insert the cassette tape into the Cassette inser-
tion slot with the side on which the tape is
exposed facing the right. Playback starts auto-
The metal tape setting is set automatically when a
metal or chrome tape is loaded.
When the end of the cassette tape is reached, the
auto reverse mechanism is activated and the other
side of the tape begins playing automatically.
Listening to a tape which is already loaded
Press the FNC button 4 to select the tape
mode. Playback begins automatically.
Stopping Playback Temporarily
Press the Play/Pause button %. Press the but-
ton again to resume playback.
Ejecting Cassette Tapes
Press the Eject button 5. The cassette tape is
Fast-Forwarding and Rewinding
Use the SRCH Left and Right buttons $.
: Press this to fast-forward the tape.
: Press this to rewind the tape.
APC (Auto Program Control)
Press the SRCH Left or Right button $ twice.
: Press this twice to move ahead to the
beginning of the next selection.
: Press this twice to move back to the
beginning of the current selection.
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