Clarion AX410 Cassette Player User Manual

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AX410 5
The control panel can be detached to prevent
theft. When detaching the control panel, store it
in the included DCP case to prevent scratches.
We recommend taking the control panel with you
when leaving the car.
Removing the DCP
1. Turn off the power.
2. Press the DCP Release button
The DCP is unlocked.
3. Remove the DCP.
Attaching the DCP
Insert the DCP into the right side of the source
unit and press the left side to lock it.
Do not insert the DCP from the left side. Doing so
may damage it.
Storing the DCP in the DCP Case
Hold the DCP, in the orientation as shown in the
figure below, and put it into the supplied DCP
case. (Ensure the DCP is in the correct orienta-
The DCP can easily be damaged by shocks. After
removing it, place it in its case and be careful not
to drop it or subject it to strong shocks.
When the release button is pressed and the DCP
is unlocked, the car’s vibrations may cause it to
fall. To prevent damage to the DCP, always store it
in its case after detaching it.
The connector connecting the source unit and the
DCP is an extremely important part. Be careful
not to damage it by pressing on it with fingernails,
pens, screwdrivers, etc.
If the DCP is dirty, wipe off with a soft, dry cloth.
DCP Rear Panel Source Unit Front
Source unit
DCP case
DCP Release button 1
1. Tape slack can lead to operating difficulties.
Remove tape slack before inserting a cas-
sette, particularly when using C-90 or prere-
corded cassettes.
2. Use C-30 to C-90 cassettes. Avoid use of
C-120 or longer cassettes (The very thin tape
may stretch or break).
3. Clean the head periodically with a good com-
mercial head cleaner. Avoid touching the
head with magnetic or hard objects.
4. Do not oil the cassette mechanism.
5. Always remove the cassette from the mecha-
nism when not in use. Exposure to direct sun-
light, extreme temperatures or high humidity
may damage cassettes.
6. The cassette tape will automatically eject
from the mechanism if it is damaged. Always
ensure that cassette tapes are in good condi-
tion prior to use.
5. DCP (Detachable Control Panel)