Clarion AX410 Cassette Player User Manual

AX410 11
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Presetting Stations
A total of 24 stations can be preset, 6 each for
the FM1, FM2, FM3 and AM bands.
When a station is preset, the station previously stored
in the memory at that position is cleared.
Presetting stations manually
1) Press the BND button # to select the band
at which to store the station.
2) Use the SRCH Left and Right buttons
$ to
tune in the station to be preset.
3) Press the Preset button
! at which you want
to store that station for at least 2 seconds.
Auto store function (Automatic Station Store)
1) Press the BND button # to select the band
at which to store the stations.
2) Press the AS button
0 for at least 2 seconds.
Stations with good reception are automatical-
ly stored at Preset buttons ! 1 to 6.
If there are fewer than 6 stations with good recep-
tion, the stations previously stored at the remain-
ing buttons are not cleared.
Preset Scanning (Preset Station Scan)
When the PS button 0 is pressed, the preset
memory numbers flash and the stations are
tuned in for 7 seconds each in the order in which
they were stored. Press the PS button again to
cancel the preset scanning mode.
Instant Station Recall (ISR) Function
This function allows you to recall a specific radio
station from any mode. Use it to find stations
quickly when you want to hear specific informa-
tion (such as traffic announcements) while dri-
ving. The ISR station is set to 87.9 MHz upon
shipment from the factory.
Setting the ISR station
1) Press the FNC button 4 to select the radio
2) Tune in the station to be set as the ISR sta-
3) Press the ISR button
6 for more than 2 sec-
onds to store that station in the memory as
the ISR station.
Recalling the ISR station
Press the ISR button 6 from any mode. “ISR
appears on the display and the set station is
tuned in. To cancel, press the ISR button again.
Area Change Function
Use this to listen to the radio outside of the
United States.
Switchable frequency spacing
This car stereo is initially set to tune in frequen-
cy intervals of 10 kHz for AM and 200 kHz for
FM, the standard calibrations in the U.S. When
using the unit outside the U.S., use the following
procedure to switch the frequency steps and fre-
quency range:
1) Turn the power on and set the tuner mode.
2) Keep the BND button
# pressed and while
pressing the button, press the SRCH Left but-
ton $.
3) Release the buttons.
This procedure changes the factory setting to
9 kHz steps for AM and 50 kHz steps for FM,
the standard calibrations for countries other
than the U.S.
To change the AM/FM setting back to the U.S.
standard frequencies:
1) Set the tuner mode.
2) While pressing the BND button
#, press the
SRCH Right button $.
3) Release the buttons.
Your car stereo will once again be calibrated
to receive standard U.S. transmissions.
The chart below lists the frequency specifica-
tions for the U.S. and other countries.
Inital Setting
(U.S. standard)
New Setting
(outside U.S.)
10 kHz
530 to
1710 kHz
200 kHz
87.9 to
107.9 MHz
9 kHz
531 to
1629 kHz
50 kHz
87.5 to
108 MHz