Blaupunkt VA4100 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Before wiring up an audio system that may not achieve the
sound quality you want, be sure to choose a system
concept that fits your listening requirements. Basic
systems, a receiver with internal 4x20 watts and 4 coax
speakers, are adequate for many listeners. But, when you
want to really “feel” the music, you will need some kind of
subwoofer amplifier/speaker combination. Although many
people might jump into an “add-on” amplifier to power to
rear coaxial speakers, a better choice is usually a subwoofer
amp/speaker system that supplements the existing 4
speaker system as shown in the adjacent drawing. Such a
system provides a surprising improvement in sound quality
due to the usually dramatic increase in bass response.
The next dramatic step up in performance is with a “multi-
channel” system that offers more dynamic range in the mids
and highs due to higher power plus more bass response
due to multiple woofers and/or more power. But, with such
a system, the stereo image and overall listening experience
usually becomes much more life-like due to better tonal
quality midrange/tweeter speakers and usually better
To build such a system though, complexity goes up due to
the addition of passive or active crossovers which take time
to install and may inject noise into the system due to
potential noise signal pick up. The results though of such a
system can be dramatically pleasing.
For most installations, simple hand tools are adequate to install an aftermarket amplifier. Depending upon the
mounting locations used, you will need power tools for drilling and cutting plastics and metal. A good starting list is
summarized below:
• Tape measure and ruler
• Marking pen and starting punch
• Phillips and flat blade screwdrivers (small and medium sizes)
• Nylon wire bundle ties
• Pliers: standard vice-grip and needle nose styles
• Light-duty trim pry-bar for removing door trim
• Cutting shears or nibbling tool for cutting thin and medium gauger metal
• Wire cutters, wire strippers, electrical tape, crimping pliers and appropriate crimp-on
• Power drill with appropriate sized drill bits
– 5 –
Passive X-over
Sat Amplifier
(4x100 W)
Sub Amplifier (2x100 W) Subwoofers
Supplementary subwoofer system
High performance multi-channel system