Blaupunkt VA4100 Stereo Receiver User Manual

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5 Channel Combo (2ch HP + 3ch passive Multi-Mode)
The multi-mode system is a “poor-man’s” satellite/subwoofer sys-
tem. This amplifier is able to drive speakers in stereo mode and
at the same time drive low frequencies to a dedicated subwoofer
speaker. By inserting inductors (coils) and capacitors, the result is
an inexpensive solution to generating a ‘5' channel system with a
4 channel amplifier.
Using passive components (coils and capacitors) the installation is simple and performs adequately for most listen-
ers. Such a system will not perform as well as an “active” system because the slow attenuation (roll-off) of the fre-
quency response resulting in a moderate amount of over-lapping of the sound spectrum between the satellites and
subwoofers. It is important to remember that although surprisingly pleasant performance is achieved, this is a com-
promise system and will NOT perform as well as a dedicated 5 channel system with electronic crossovers.
4 Channel (Full-Range,HP)
For many listeners, they need only slightly higher system
loudness and/or music dynamic range without the amplifier
going into distortion. By simply adding additional power to
the speakers this can be achieved in many installations. BUT, the speakers must be able to handle this additional
power without damage.
Such installations are most common with listeners who only need systems that can play moderately loud. Also, this
consumer is often a person who simply cannot, or will not, accept additional amplifiers or speakers in the vehicle.
Such systems will not be able to perform as well as audio systems with additional speakers and amps, but this is
often an accepted trade-off for this consumers.