Blaupunkt VA4100 Stereo Receiver User Manual

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Congratulations! You are the now the owner of an exceptional car audio amplifier from the audio enthusiasts at
Blaupunkt. Our engineering staff has spent considerable time refining our Velocity series amplifiers in order to
introduce great sound to the consumer. With these products we focus on sonic performance but balanced with
rugged design and flexible installation.
Not only do we offer you a great product but also a supportive owners manual. This manual can be used as a
teaching guide due to its brief, but informative, explanations of amplifier and system design. We are also very
concerned about the end consumer using proper installation techniques for the highest performance possible from
their new audio products. MOST important to us are the concerns with safety and the installation process. Since our
Blaupunkt retail dealers have the tools and experience for an optimized and safe installation, we always recommend
they do the final vehicle integration. But, should you choose to install these products yourself, please take the time to
read this manual completely and abide by all precautions.
Unlike “dragster” style amplifiers that put out lots of power for a few
minutes, our Velocity series amps are engineered for full throttle,
everyday driving. With our incredible Blaupunkt “Thermal Throttle”, our
amps keep on playing without overheating, the common shut-down
mode for most amplifiers.
All amplifiers heat up some over time. Using our moving voltage rail
design, once warm, the rails pull back to prevent long term overheating
thus preventing full shut off or even possible damage, as most other
amps do. Once initiated this temporary system gain pullback lets you
know you are really pushing the system hard but it’s not letting you
down going into full shut down.
Included in your amplifier kit is the very cool looking side rails and end
caps. The side rail system allows you to butt amps side-by-side
building a multi-channel monster of a system but with everything
trimming out beautifully. An added benefit of the side rails and caps is
the dressing down and hiding of all cables preventing any kind of
snagged wires.
You will find a very nice remote gain control for the amplifier. This gain control works only in the subwoofer mode
(low-pass) providing about 20dB of gain range to dial in accurate bass levels or to simply pound out the tunes if
Inside the amplifier are isolation circuits to help prevent the intrusion of noise into the audio path. These circuits are
turned on or off via the small switches visible through the bottom plate. Noise currents may enter the system via
signal cables should there be small ground voltage differences. These are sometimes heard as a varying pitch with
engine speed (alternator whine). The vehicle may also have a poor antenna ground, or overly sensitive AM radio
tuner front end, which can result in low level back ground tones (birdies) in some parts of the AM radio band
Should either of these conditions occur, use a small screwdriver to slide the switch to the “ON” position and they
should be eliminated. If no problems are detected, leave in the “OFF” position for maximum audio system
Audio Output
Audio Output
Conventional Amplifier Output
Blaupunkt ThermalThrottle
Thermal Shut-Down
Thermal Shut-Down