Pioneer GM-5500T Home Theater System User Manual

1 System remote control terminal
2 Ground terminal
3 Power terminal
4 Terminal screws
5 Battery wire
6 Ground wire
7 System remote control wire
Connecting the speaker
output terminals
1 Use wire cutters or a utility knife to
strip the end of the speaker wires to ex-
pose about 10 mm (3/8 in.) of wire and
then twist the wire.
2 Attach lugs to wire ends.
Use pliers, etc., to crimp lugs to wires.
1 Lug (sold separately)
2 Speaker wire
3 Connect the speaker wires to the
speaker output terminals.
Fix the speaker wires securely with the term-
inal screws.
1 Terminal screws
2 Speaker wires
3 Speaker output terminals
Connecting the units