Pioneer GM-5500T Home Theater System User Manual

About bridged mode
Speaker impedance is max. 4 W, please carefully
check. Improper connection to the amplifier may
result in malfunction or personal injury due to
burns from overheating.
For bridged mode for a two-channel amplifier,
with a 4 W load, either wire two 8 W speakers in
parallel, Left + and Right * (Diagram A) or use a
single 4 W speaker. For other amplifiers, please
follow the speaker output connection diagram for
bridging shown on rear: two 8 W speakers in par-
allel for a 4 W load or a single 4 W speaker per
For any further enquiries, contact your local
authorized Pioneer dealer or customer service.
About suitable
specification of speaker
Ensure speakers conform to the following
standards, otherwise there is a risk of fire,
smoke or damage. Speaker impedance is 2 W
to 8 W for stereo connection, or 4 W to 8 W for
monaural and other bridge connection.
Speaker channel Power
Two-channel output
Nominal input:
Min. 130 W
One-channel output
Nominal input:
Min. 400 W
Other than subwoofer
Speaker channel Power
Two-channel output
MAX input:
Min. 250 W
One-channel output
MAX input:
Min. 800 W
Connecting the speakers
The speaker output mode can be two-channel
(stereo) or one-channel (mono). Connect the
speaker leads to suit the mode according to
the figures shown below.
Two-channel output (Stereo)
1 Speaker (Left)
2 Speaker (Right)
One-channel output
1 Speaker (Mono)
Connecting the units