Pioneer GM-5500T Home Theater System User Manual

Connections when using
the speaker input wire
Connect the car stereo speaker output wires
to the amplifier using the supplied speaker
input wire.
! Do not connect both the RCA input and the
speaker input at the same time.
1 Car Stereo
2 Speaker output
3 White/black: Left *
4 White: Left +
5 Gray/black: Right *
6 Gray: Right +
7 Speaker input connector
To speaker input terminal of this unit.
Connecting the power
The use of a special red battery and ground
wire RD-223, available separately, is recom-
mended. Connect the battery wire directly to
the car battery positive terminal + and the
ground wire to the car body.
If the battery wire is not securely fixed to the term-
inal using the terminal screws, there is a risk of
overheating, malfunction and injury, including
minor burns.
1 Route battery wire from engine com-
partment to the vehicle interior.
After completing all other amplifier connec-
tions, finally connect the battery wire terminal
of the amplifier to the positive (+) battery
1 Positive (+) terminal
2 Engine compartment
3 Vehicle interior
4 Fuse (30 A) × 2
5 Insert the O-ring rubber grommet into the
vehicle body.
6 Drill a 14 mm (1/2 in.) hole into the vehicle
2 Twist the battery wire, ground wire
and system remote control wire.
3 Attach lugs to wire ends.
Use pliers, etc., to crimp lugs to wires.
1 Lug (sold separately)
2 Battery wire
3 Ground wire
4 Connect the wires to the terminal.
Fix the wires securely with the terminal
Connecting the units