Pioneer GM-5500T Home Theater System User Manual

Before connecting/
installing the amplifier
! Handling the cord on this product or cords as-
sociated with accessories sold with the pro-
duct may expose you to chemicals listed on
proposition 65 known to the State of California
and other governmental entities to cause can-
cer and birth defect or other reproductive
harm. Wash hands after handling.
! The use of a special red battery and ground
wire RD-223, available separately, is recom-
mended. Connect the battery wire directly to
the car battery positive terminal + and the
ground wire to the car body.
! This unit is for vehicles with a 12 V battery and
negative grounding. Before installing in re-
creational vehicles, trucks or buses, check the
battery voltage.
! Always use a fuse of the rating prescribed.
The use of an improper fuse could result in
overheating and smoke, damage to the pro-
duct and injury, including burns.
! Check the connections of the power supply
and speakers if the fuse of the separately sold
battery wire or the amplifier fuse blows. Deter-
mine and resolve the cause, then replace the
fuse with and identical equivalent.
! Do not allow this unit to come into contact
with liquids. Electrical shock could result.
Also, damage to this unit, smoke, and over-
heating could result from contact with liquids.
The surfaces of the amplifier and any attached
speakers may also heat up and cause minor
! In the event of any abnormality, the power
supply to the amplifier is cut off to prevent
equipment malfunction. If this occurs, switch
the system power off and check the power
supply and speaker connections. If you are un-
able to determine the cause, please contact
your dealer.
! Always disconnect the negative * terminal of
the battery beforehand to avoid the risk of
electric shock or short circuit during installa-
! Always keep the volume low enough to hear
outside sounds.
! Extended use of the car stereo while the en-
gine is at rest or idling may exhaust the bat-
About the Protection function
The Protection function will operate in the condi-
tions outlined below. If the Protection function is
turned on, the power indicator will turn off, and
the amplifier will shut down.
! If the speaker output terminal and speaker
wire is short-circuited.
! If the temperature inside the amplifier gets too
! If a DC voltage is applied to the speaker out-
put terminal.
Important (Serial number)
The serial number is located on the bottom of
this unit. For your own security and convenience,
be sure to record this number on the enclosed
warranty card.
Before installing this unit in your vehicle, refer to
the illustration below and remove the tag.
Do not use the parts you have removed (screws
etc.) when installing the unit in your vehicle.
Before you start