Pioneer GM-5500T Home Theater System User Manual

Before installing the amplifier
! To ensure proper installation, use the supplied
parts in the manner specified. If any parts
other than those supplied are used, they may
damage internal parts of the amplifier, or be-
come loose causing the amplifier to shut
! Do not install in:
Places where it could injure the driver or
passengers if the vehicle stops suddenly.
Places where it may interfere with the dri-
ver, such as on the floor in front of the dri-
vers seat.
! Install tapping screws in such a way that the
screw tip does not touch any wire. This is im-
portant to prevent wires from being cut by vi-
bration of the car, which can result in fire.
! Make sure that wires do not get caught in the
sliding mechanism of the seats or touch the
legs of a person in the vehicle as short-circuit
may result.
! When drilling to install the amplifier, always
confirm no parts are behind the panel and
protect all cables and important equipment (e.
g. fuel/brake lines, wiring) from damage.
! To ensure proper heat dissipation of the ampli-
fier, ensure the following during installation:
Allow adequate space above the amplifier
for proper ventilation.
Do not cover the amplifier with a floor mat
or carpet.
! Protection function may activate to protect the
amplifier against overheating due to installa-
tion in locations where sufficient heat cannot
be dissipated, continuous use under high-vo-
lume conditions, etc. In such cases, the am-
plifier shuts down until it has cooled to a
certain designated temperature.
! Avoid routing wires through hot areas, such
as near the heater outlet. Heat may damage
the insulation, resulting in a short-circuit
through the vehicle body.
! The optimal installation location differs de-
pending on the car model. Secure the ampli-
fier at a sufficiently rigid location.
! Firstly make temporary connections and
check to ensure the amplifier and system op-
erate properly.
! After installing the amplifier, confirm that the
spare tire, jack and tools can be easily re-
Example of installation on
the floor mat or chassis
1 Place the amplifier in the desired instal-
lation location.
Insert the supplied tapping screws (4 mm ×
18 mm) into the screw holes and push on the
screws with a screwdriver so they make an im-
print where the installation holes are to be lo-
2 Drill 2.5 mm (1/8 in.) diameter holes at
the imprints either on the carpet or directly
on the chassis.
3 Install the amplifier with the use of
supplied tapping screws (4 mm × 18 mm).
1 Tapping-screws (4 mm × 18 mm)
2 Drill a 2.5 mm (1/8 in.) diameter hole
3 Floor mat or chassis